By Thomas Page

If I were in charge

We all say to ourselves

Things would be different.


Different, yes, but better?

I’d like to think that I would make a positive impact in I were in charge

But that impact would probably funnel into a selfish whirlpool.

Where did you think the idea of golden gardens and placid pools come from?

From faith, hope, and charity?


They come from the cardinal traits of power:

Esteem, control, and ruthlessness.

There’s a certain kind of person who gets to the top

Using their fellow person as rungs.

What if,

Instead of power,

We all say to ourselves

If we all had a voice

Things would be better.


Power saps the life from the community

And sprinkles it like caviar on the buffets

Taken from the hands of those who wrought it.

There’s nothing wrong with leadership but

A leader is not in power

Per se

But taps the common voice

The bullhorn of the people

Giving credence to those metonyms within it

To speak truths that we all share

And cast out blistering sores

That tarnish hearts concealed in private prejudices

Informed by a shattered looking glass pointed at fires

With its arsonists dressed as firefighters

Escaping into the night.

These truths are self-evident in us,

Not power.     

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