Sometimes I Wonder




Sometimes I wonder

if you remember the trees,

how they splayed for us,

or the stars stitching

their stories together,

the ones where everybody wins

and everything’s perfect.

Sometimes I wonder

If you’re still making your guesses,

if the moon is just as pale and beautiful

where you’re standing

as she is right here.


(…) 2


But most importantly

my heart plays a frantic

game of hop scotch

watching you walk

all over it

as I say,





The Stars Are Numbered


Tonight when the clouds clear

look up over your shoulder and

see the stars I’ve numbered for you.

Drag your fingers from one to the next,

make the heavens shashay,

stir up a little mischief,

a bit of magic.

make your biggest wish and

watch it come true.




I am stepping a little bit closer

to the edge of the moon

while you are hanging from

the far side of the sun.  

Everything’s becoming

less shiny, less clingy,

a grip not quite what

a grip once was.  

In the middle of those

out-of-reach clouds is every

answer we’ve been seeking,

but the prophets are mute,

the soothsayers too long in the tooth,

and God is playing a tone-deaf buffoon.

Isn’t it just like night to

take back the day,

turn the scarecrows inside out,

let the stuffing flap away with the wind?  

Doesn’t it feel like we’re

flying to another planet

only to learn that

it fell from the sky

a lifetime ago?


Yellow Months


Do you remember

those yellow months,

so ripe in the mouth,

bursting with flavor but

always short a dime?  

Do you remember

when the wind was

made of baby’s breath,

the softest paper kisses,

day and night entangled?  

Are you listening to

the moon right now,

her bashful breathing

washing the twilight?  

I am, and it’s killing me.


What the Attic Knows


Every night I go

back to the attic where

each chained chest recounts  

the rumors of murders

committed in this house,

no one ever charged,

no one an ounce regretful,

though all of our bloody footprints

lead in the same direction.

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