Part I

The archeology class has been on the dig site for two months. They had been studying abroad on the outskirts of the Island Aswan. The group’s campground is on the edge of the east banks of the Nile River. Professor Alexander Bakas received permission to dig on the site for three months. His students were learning about the historical facts while searching for articles.

“I wish they had found more.,” Professor Bakas writes in his journal.

The afternoon sun lingers in the sky baking their white and brown flesh. Snakes and scorpions slither through and around the companions’ work.  Professor Bakas watches his students move around the site.

 “They are working hard this afternoon,” wiping sweat from his brow.

One of his young students is digging into the red coarse dirt. Pushing away the centuries of dirt and secrets form the pottery and stones.

“Sir, look what I have found,” he holds up a bowl, the sun sparkles against a jewel inside it.

“I’ll be right there, Max.”

Max continues to unearth the many treasures beneath the cool damp sand. He finds a large painted pot while excavating the area; he tugs at it but he can’t free it from the ground.

Tugging at it, he tries to free it again, unable to he stands up. “I should be able to free it now.”

“Come on, come out!” he demands it.

A shadow falls over him. Max turns to face the person behind him, “Professor Bakas, I found this,” Pointing at the pot.

 Leaning closer to the hole, “I can see that; it’s quite lovely. Let’s get some help.” He waves at some of his students, “Please come over here, and help us.”

 Two of his older students run over, ‘Yes, sir.”

Picking up each side they pull at the fragile pot, Max can feel the island sand give up its treasure. They stumble forward, almost falling with the painted pot, in front of their teacher.

 “Be careful boys!” Professor Bakas orders.

 Max and his fellow students place it on the stable ground before stepping away. “It is marvelous pot, it makes you wonder what they used it for,”” Max asks.

Stepping forward Professor Bakas pulls the top off, “Let’s see.” Peeking inside the darkness, “Hand me a flash light someone please.”

Curiosity boils through the other students’ vein. They step closer to the smaller group. Someone hands the professor a small flashlight. The beam of light illuminates the blackness, as the professor pours the light into the hollow container.

 “Ah! It looks like someone left us a something special,”’ he smiles.

 Pulling the roll out with care, Professor Bakas slips to his knees, “Bring me a table please.”

Rushing to set up a folding table in front of his professor, Max lifts it and sets it inside the grainy sand. “Here Professor.”

The fragile roll of papyrus rolls around in his Professor Bakas’ trembling hands, “It hasn’t been a long time since eyes have seen this. Since ears have heard this tale.”

Intrigued his few students sit around him in a semi—circle, eager to hear the fairy-tale. Professor Alexander Bakas had been told of story, and he begins to tell his beloved students the tale, “It is a tale no one has heard of in a long time.”

Clearing his throat, “Shall I begin?” they all nod, eager to hear the story. “Alright then; It’s a tale of lost love, and a destroyed city…”







Part II

Haf and Kai had grown up together, he was the son of a soldier and she the princess; their love grew through the years. A forbidden love; a love that could and would kill Haf if the King were to find out about their love affair.

The young couple sneaks away to their favorite place on their island home, to meet each other, to find moments of secret love. During those moments they would plan their future together, planning to escape their island home and the clutches of the King.

“My father wants me to marry,” Kai informs Haf.

Embracing her in his arms, “I cannot see you wed another, it would break me. It would kill me. What can we do? Our plans to leave the island, are they just dreams?”

“No, we can leave. We need to plan an escape, who can help us? Who can we trust to help us and when can we go?” she whispers against his broad chest.

“Our friends? They will help us. We can plan to leave in a few weeks. I love you my beautiful princess,” he kisses her forehead.

“I love you, my beloved,” Kai pulls away to slip into the shadows sneaking her way back into the castle.

“I’m nothing but a soldier. What can I give Kai?” he worries. “My heart, my blood boils when she touches me yet that can’t be enough. I can’t give her a home with that?” he paces the beach.

“Your love, your heart is what you can give to Kai. That is all what she wants,” Rigel comforts him. His closest friend stood with him in the cool night air.

Shaking his head, he ignores his friend, “I am a fool for convincing her to run away with me.”

Meanwhile Kai is pacing in her room inside the crystal and metal castle. High above the beach she gazes out her window. She glimpses her beloved down below, “He looks so small down there.”

 Her father had left moments ago leaving her with her friend Zoey. Biting her fingernails, “Do you think Father is aware of Haf and I being in love?”

“No, I do not, “Zoey replies.

Gazing out the massive windows, “Gods please be with us tonight! Keep us safe.”

“Stop worrying Kai, they are. You and Haf are meant to be; for all time,” Zoey comforts.

Pulling her small travel bag from beneath her bed, she swings it over her shoulder, “I’m ready to leave. Are you Zoey?”

“Yep, Let’s Go.” Peeking out the door, they look for guards. The hallway was empty, clear for their escape.

Sneaking out of Kai’s room, they tiptoe down the long dark hallway. Silent mice, they move towards the beach front unaware they were being followed.

The two companions move towards their boat, already stocked with supplies and tied to the shoreline, Haf and Rigel move through the shadows silent ghosts waiting for their loves.

 Excitement courses through Haf, his heart beats against his ribcage, a trapped bird crying to be free, “They are here,” he points to two flickering flames on the rocky cliffs above.

 Then Kai jumps into his arms, “My love, we can leave!”

 Kissing her tender lips, “Yes, my love we can leave now. We can marry in the morning.”

“We will be together forever!” she kisses him.

Haf helps her into the boat before untying it from the dock. Without warning an arrow breaks through the night sky. It pierces his chest, and blood flows from his wound.

Kai screams, “My love!” 

Haf falls forward, his arms reaching out to Kai, “Leave Now! My Love.”

Then the ground begins to shake and shatter, “The Gods are grieving with me, they are angry with me,” Kai wails. Flames burst from the mountain tops, lightning and thunder booms across the night sky as rain falls, tear drops from the heavens. The ocean waves rise and swallow the island, washing away the farmlands, and homes eventually washing away the castle high above the rocky shoreline.

“You have angered the Gods, Father!” Kai screams over the chaos. Glaring at the man standing on the hilltop, “You’ve stolen my love! Now the Gods will have you and all that you love!”

Rigel and Zoey push the small boat into the raging ocean, jumping in beside their friend. She watches the ocean become gentle, and lift her beloved Haf, it carries him away from the doomed island, sweeping him beneath the murky water.

“We will be together again. In another lifetime,” Kai whispers.

A gentle wave pushes the boat away from the doomed island. “Thank you Namaka, my Goddess for protecting us,” Kai whispers. Rigel and Zoey whisper their own prayers to the Goddess of the water, “Praise you Namaka. Thank you for your protection.”

Then a massive wave washes over the beautiful island.  The Gods had destroyed the city; washing it away from all written history.

The little boat with the three survivors of the lost city arrived on the Island Aswan a few weeks later. The three friends became part of the culture of the island, becoming part of the family that resided on the island. Bringing their own culture and beliefs into the tribes on the island.

Years later, after becoming a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Kai passes away. Moving on to her next lifetime, finding her beloved Haf once again.

Legend and myths are told Haf and Kai find each other many life times, to always find their beloved and princess.

Love is always able to be found.



Part III

The students become mesmerized by the tale of the loss city and love, “Is it myth?” they ask.

“What do you think? Do you think it’s a true story? A fictional story? Do you think it’s about Atlantis or another doomed city?” he asks his pupils.

“I don’t believe it is about Atlantis or any other doomed city per say. I think it is a cautionary tale about losing love. To cherish it,” Max explains.

Tapping his forefinger against his leathery lips, “That is a reasonable opinion, good. What do you think about them coming back in a new life time, as new lovers?”

“I don’t believe it. That is part of the myth, a way to explain death and hopeful thinking,” Max states.

 Professor Bakas nods, “Ah alright then that will be your assignment this evening. Write an essay about this tale, tell me what you think, and then we will discuss it in the morning. Now time to clean up, I am famished. Are you to, my children?” Professor Bakas asks.

 They agree, “Yes, Professor. How long do you want the paper to be?”

“Ah, no more than five hundred words, now let’s clean up and have a wonderful meal.”

Standing up, he places the papyrus into a plastic container for safe keeping before returning to his own tent. Pulling his cellphone out of his pocket, his shirt shifts and his arrow shaped birth mark peeks out, he smirks. “I wonder what my students would think of my birthmark? Would they think it was interesting that it was in the spot where poor Haf was shot?” Shrugging he dials his wife’s phone number, listening to ring he laughs.

“hello,” her sweet voice floats across the miles.

“Hello my princess, how are you this evening?” he asks.

“I am good my beloved, and you? What have you found, anything interesting?” his wife teases.

“Yes, my princess Kelly, we have found our tale….” Professor Alexander Bakas laughs.

“Ah, finally, now our tale of love shall be shared, “Kelly whispers.

“Love and Loss and a city doomed, yet we found each other, didn’t we?”

“Yes, my beloved.”

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