I am the rain

That drips down my palms And nourishes the trees The flower, the dirt

I am the mud that soaks up All the water

And I am the well

And the drink I swallow From the rain that flowed Into the well

Which was the water That soaked the trees And nourished

The seeds of the tomatoes I eat From the soil

That I am the mud And the rain is now in me.


The Dance of the Leaves

This is the dance of the leaves The wind whispers

Slowly, gently you must change And they cling

tightly to one another Afraid of Change.


And in their resistance The wind whips up And they fall

To what they believe Is their death.


And then the wind Carries them

So beautiful

Bright crimson, yellow Orange and brown

They hold one another in Unison

and circle the wind that takes them Through the dance As they do se do With one another.


And their demise Is now joyful

No longer imprisoned By their branches now bare and bold They dance and skip And summersault

To another place And time……..


All change in one moment Of a windy breath

against them Promises eternal movement composing

The dance of the leaves……..


The Shadow of a butterfly


In quiet reverence

I knelt into the earth

My back against the sun The slow moving shadow Of the butterfly

lingered over me for a moment And then moved on

And I knew That all is well Within me

As the shadow  Revealed the wondrous Wings of beauty

As I gazed up

And saw the Yellow flecks Rise into the sun

Away from me………….


All in a Day


Soon crickets

Will crowd the night sounds

In unison

Will I take them for granted?

Or listen.



We sit in silence

The clusters of songs

Speak from the forest

At dawn

A serenade of serene

Chirps battling for the loudest



You will snort

Half in disgust

That your slumber is disturbed

Half in amusement

That snorting in your ears

Seems barbarically more melodious

Then a Robin’s song

Because little dog

You are filled with Self-importance.


And I am weary at day’s end

Yet poetic dreams

Linger long in my head

As I gaze into the sun splashed green

Of leaves drenched in rain now

Deceased as the sun smooths over

Any trace of stormy shadows.

And I listen

Grateful for the silence

And the shrills among the leaves.


Gloria Buckley has been published by Prometheus Dreaming, Red Hyacinth Journal, Sensations Magazine, Alcoholism Magazine, Chimera Magazine, Journal of English Language and Literature, Hermann Hesse Page Journal, Virginia Woolf Blog, Focus Magazine, Chimera Magazine and many other journals of poetry and prose.  A self- published collection of seventy five poems is available on Amazon.com.

She is a practicing attorney for thirty years.  She holds a BA in English and JD from Seton Hall.  She has a Masters with Distinction in English Literature from Mercy College.  She is enrolled in the MLA and MA in writing program at Johns Hopkins University.

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