By Zita VilutyteZita Vilutyte 180x120cm, 2019, Cassiopeia -SEGINA


and the ever-lost star books
live in a luminous
spirit of the mountain
and you’re leading
in unspeakable ways
and the thoughts written in the wind
can read
in a rainbow light


let me hear
your pulsating sound
in the dark
and emitting light
which plays in your branches
and enchants

your silence can settle down
in people

they will hear and
will be able to tell other people


your words will spread around the world
like those seeds
you ripen
and give to the earth

all you have to do is wake up the earth
she slept long…

her dream was born in the labyrinth center
and inspired spring…

I want to believe
that it will come back
but it will never be


it has unfolded
filled with special aroma
you can feel it
and it will live in you
and you can tell others

this connection is not interrupted

that way is special

turning into a spark of fire
you rise to the sky
and don’t turn around

pain will heal
it is holy

this is a star
it was born from our first mother
our blood is its body
our silence is its silence

bending light current
and that sound
somewhere beyond me
living in silence
scattering my thoughts
turning into a wind
blushes tears from the face
and inspires life

you are alone –
and pulse in your veins…

our blood is its body
our silence is its silence

born of stardust
you will be reflected on the surface of the water
and if you don’t see that lake
you will be reflected in yourself


the lake will hear your silence
pulsating in the veins

lightning illuminates on both sides
and a rainbow will open
multicolored swirls
will involve you
to your being
with unspeakable force

and spit out
with even greater

to live…

and what is the greatest miracle
of all miracles
ask the seventh stone

if you had a magical eye
you could watch the universe
but would you endure


all those painful things
you might not want to see?

if you can calm yourself
they will open to you
the most wonderful worlds

the day will come
and your heart
will go out in the rainbow…



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