Through a Rain Covered Window in Saint Petersburg

The sky is clouding over,
The wind is building up,
I think a lot of rain is going to fall,
The little birds that know these things,
Are singing in the trees,
A warning to all creatures, great and small.

Outside the cars are speeding up;
People rushing through the streets,
The Café, is stocking up its chairs,
An old lady with some shopping bags,
Is shuffling as fast as she can go,
While a young couple, lost in love, don’t really seem to care.

The darkening clouds get deeper,
Like an army gathering force,
Preparing for one final great attack,
A hazy frightened Sun peeks briefly
Through the last gap, that still remains,
Then decides on the better part of valour, and quickly scuttles back.

©John Anthony Fingleton (Löst Viking)


Snowlands – Personal Journey

I have come back to the Snowlands,
Perhaps for the last time in this life;
I need their benediction
When I perform the ancient rites.

I need their final blessing,
Before I leave the Northern lands,
And travel to far places,
Where my Gods hold no command.

The words I’ll speak, were handed down
By those that share my blood;
Long before the first runes were carved,
Before Odin hung, on Yggdrasil ‘s wood.

They were spoken first when Ymir’s blood
Was spilt to form the seas,
And his bones were raised as mountains,
Where the Snowlands, came to be.

It breaks my heart to leave this place,
But I know my time has yet to come;
And destiny has set my sails,
Towards the Southlands, and the Sun.

So now I kneel, and pledge my soul,
Forever to this place,
Knowing the day that I am blessed by death,
It will return, and find peace amongst my race.


©John Anthony Fingleton  (Löst Viking)

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