By Thomas Page

I am student teaching a senior level class in Washington, DC. They have to write some poems on these prompts. I decided to try all 30 of them. However, I will not say what the prompt was but what it number was.

Prompt #21

I listen to the whole thing as I ride into the sunrise.

Hoping to beat the herd as I roll into work.

Taking in the artist’s vision in the 45-odd minutes

That they decided was a worthwhile endeavor.

Like anything, the songs are better cousins than foes

Repeating the same tune on different tracks

That I don’t notice change as I turn on the highway

Into the rising sun’s path of light showing my salted windshield.

Traffic light, c major, traffic light, c major, traffic light, b minor.

I park the car on snow and ice while the tempo changes to something more radio friendly

To ear worms burrowing into your brain

With the refrain intercut with ads for concerts and miracle pills.

I take the key and let the song finish looping to the beginning again.

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