Four Poems by James Croal Jackson

Sonoran   my skin carries the radiation of phone  glow the radio.  Of something static        O Arizona.     Azure eyes & sandy  cries just an echo.   I want to say I am    hallowed. That I carried your branches  with me too as extra arms but I am    night and limb- … Continue reading Four Poems by James Croal Jackson

The Untranslatable: Boketto

By Thomas Page The Untranslatable This is a series of poems of words that do not directly translate into English. I have tried to capture the essence of the word in a poem. In a train of a thousand eyes all jumping to the currents of the third rail All seeking to rest on a … Continue reading The Untranslatable: Boketto

Night’s Wedding

By Gina Elliott                                        The sun burned in envy,                                        when the night wed the moon,                                         adorned in stars,                                         with the Milky Way her bridal gown,                                         A hush enveloped her … Continue reading Night’s Wedding