By Ian Copestick

It Helps

It’s a sunny day
At the start of
September. The
Kind that makes
Your endorphins
Dance, puts a
Spring in your
Step and a song
In your heart. You
Need days like
This. When it seems
Like the world has
Gone insane, and
Nothing is going
Right. It helps when
Nature, at least, is
On your side.


Take Heart

When times are hard, and money’s short
And things don’t look too hot
Life doesn’t seem worth the battles fought
You have to make do with what you’ve got

When you’re living on anything on toast
And scraping the butter thin
Fun is the thing you need the most
You don’t have the strength to raise a grin

You have to look to the writers, read a book
See how they suffered too
Things aren’t always as bad as they look
And at least it’s not only you

From your heroes you must take heart
They too have gone hungry, gone insane
I don’t believe you can create great art
Without going through some pain




I saw it in a dream
That all consciousness
Is one, and I woke to
Find that I believed.
In what I’m not quite
Sure. But I believe in
Now comes the hard
Part of finding out
What it is.

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