By Rosanne Trost


Reluctant at first

To embark on this new path

Not so sure

She could always leave

No commitment 

Might not be a good fit

Gradually it happened

She was hooked

Looked forward to being together 

Fun happy times

Grateful that she had taken that first scary step


Yet there were hints on occasion

A sense of an ending 

She blocked it out

So the news shocked her

It can’t be happening

Not now

Yet it was going to be over 

What now

Eventually, sadness became quiet acceptance 

Grateful for the time they shared 


Then she came across the words of Dr. Seuss 


Don’t cry because it’s over 

Smile because it happened


Thus came an end to her creative writing classes.

Six years.

Her life was forever changed.


Rosanne Trost is a retired registered nurse. Since retirement, she has realized her passion for creative writing. Her work has appeared in a variety of print and online journals, including Chicken Soup For The Soul, Learning To Heal, Commuter Lit and Amsterdam Quarterly.

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