Once there was a boy 

Once there was a boy 

Who couldn’t 

stop writing. 

His room was full of of 

paper filled with 

words in 

blue pen. 

The boy wrote on his body, 

walls, house, 

His mother complained, 

but he continued to write. 

The boy went on writing, 

writing, writing. 

Time passed 

and all 

that he had 


a giant collection of words. 

One day, the boy 

who couldn’t stop writing died, 

and then something 

extraordinary happened 

All of his words were there 


Nature and nationalities 

What are you if you were born in Brazil, 

United States, Sudan, 

what’s underneath a white skin, 

White or black? 

What are you if you were born in Syria, 

Paraguay or Haiti? 

Central America or China, 

North or South Korea, 

What are you if you were born in Uganda, 

Portugal, Germany or France. 

Looking down from the universe 

How many countries can we see? 

Why does it matter where you were born? 

How can that determine whether you’ll be 

loved or hated. 

What are you if you were born on Planet Earth? 

Does nature distinguish us in nationalities? 


South America 

I was born in South America, 

I live Latin passions 

my country is divine alliance, 

decayed faith. 

Rusty songs 

on the ropes 

of a guitar. 

I was born in 

Mundo Novo, a small town 

lost in its loneliness and 


I am an aged soul, 

southern american, 

The world is the stage for who I am. 



I Always dream of snakes, 

They know 

How to sing, have faces, and look like 


but they swear, they’re not humans. 

They claim to be snakes 

Of good heart and soul. 

They have face, color of people, but 

swear They ́re not. 

Snakes of good heart and soul. 

I always dream of snakes, 

They all know how to sing, 

but swear they’re not people! 


The morning 

In the morning we get married, 

Have a party 

and pretend to be forever happy. 

At noon 

our children are born 

Beautiful children, 

Just like 

we had never been. 

In the morning we get married 

have a party 

and pretend to be forever happy 

At night we get old, 

holding hands we’ll be to each other 

beyond good or evil. 

My God 

My God sweeps dry leaves in sudden joy He does not declare war, or sends any creature to hell. My God is more than a word, He is life, my joy is to be under his care. My God is the freedom to believe in him, It ́s not a place, it’s time teaching me the freedom to love. Every day when sunset touches the river my God smiles at me, hugs me and makes me warm, He tells me to calm down, welcomes me and frees me from evil. My God is the life that ́s in the world, He ́s never death, God does not choose whom to love, He has no color, My God will one day reap me as We reap a ripe fruit, This day we will be face to face, He will tell me beautiful things, and I’ll be with him and he’ll be with me, my God is the happiness of never letting me down when evil pushes me to the ground. 


The house 

The house is always empty, 

We sit 

in front of the door and hope 

for someone. 

On the street: people, cars 

and sunshine, 

we hope. 

The empty house 

waits, but 

no one ever comes. 

Someone passes by, stops and look, 

our hearts beat 

in crazy joy, 

but he doesn’t come in. 

The house is now full of 


empty spaces like ourselves. 


My angel 

I’m no superman, 

Sorry, my only power is love. 

I am a common 

man who walks the 

streets ‘n’ stumble at times. 

Common men 

are invisible, Only 

in your eyes I wanna 

see myself reflected. 

I am small light that 

shines your way 

Through dark days, 

I wanna keep you 

warm in the winter, 

share your pain and joy. 

My good angel, Your love 

saved my life. 

Silver or gold are not worthed 

more than love that saves. 


Blue clouds 

I’m almost fifty years old. with two hearts, one aged with my body, and another that still finds delight in the sunny days and rain. 

I wanted to change the world, make revolutions, be forever night lover. 

I’m almost fifty years old, There is no war between me and the my old age. 

I’m happy with the first white hair I learned to drink my beers in the solitude if the house. 

I loved and was loved, I hated and was hated, I planted mistakes and harvested storms. I was happy and made people happy. 

The summary of my life is what I have done with myself, good and evil I’m the lord of the road I’ve walked on. 

Ediney Santana was born in the city of Mundo Novo, Bahia, Brazil in 1974. He lives in the city of Brasilia, capital of Brazil. He is a teacher and graduated with a degree in Literature .

He writes poems, short stories, lyrics and has published some books of poems.

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