Your Porch


I recall an evening, one Fall,

on the way back to my metal box,

I spotted the opossum and stopped,

didn’t even have a chance to think of a

proper Baby Book name from 

nineteen eighty five to christen it with,

due to stage fright.

God, how I miss those nights 

on my best friend’s porch,

sweating beer bottles

created new rings on cement surfaces. 

Only it is October now.

And a few years and 

some odd number of days later.

You have another coast 

to call home,

and costumed ambulances which

shrill in your ears

and stare you down 

in the rear-view mirror, don’t they?

Am I wrong?



The Day You Had Outpatient

I don’t know why I made the title

sound like a drink or the name of

a snow cone you had.

I’d imagine a dentist-like office

playing dentist office music.

Such as Still Haven’t Found….

or a nineties rock song you can

bop your head to but never seen to 

remember the artist’s name.

The doctors had you guffawing 

like a drunk husband during

a community picnic

at the pool where screaming kids

dropped their jaws and stared

as cartoon characters.

This was two years ago,

well, when you were still living

and on the cusp of 

having so much more energy

and blood boiling versus now your

ashes sit on a hillside

in a different zip code, somewhere.

I learned to heal.

And they put the filter in and took it out

with no blood, at all. 

So there is that, 

maybe not now, but then;

when we were younger and 

less half asleep and 

more willing to lose nothing and 

gain whatever it is

God has in store for us.

And we live on.

And we will.

And I carry your watch daily.

With your voice and your

heartbeat in my head.



Thursday Morning


I’m currently watching

television laundry cycles

and listening to the 

dated arcade games while

I’m in this makeshift lawn chair

after chugging a beer 

over good conversation yesterday evening.

A poet’s vacation is:

dying to get out of the normal routine of

driving from point A to point B

during nine to fives

and calculated moments.

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