By Tavinder New


Frost was glistening like jewels shining as though it was worth a million pounds. The

wind was whistling like a naughty child intermittently. Figures of people hustled

around to gather Christmas presents last minute. Their faces were full joy like sunshine

because of the air of Christmas was approaching. Kids unable to sleep, counting

the hours and pacing within houses. Chestnuts were roasting on the open fires, turkeys

defrosting and stockings being laid out in anticipation for Santa’s arrival.

Christina was inside near the warmth of the fire which glowed red and arose like a

phoenix from the ashes as it burned warming her up. She was eagerly waiting for

Peter’s call. The phone rang like the jingle of bells and her heart started to beat faster.

“Hello I miss you” he expressed.

“So do I. Been waiting for your call all day, are you going to come back for Christmas

Day?” she asked.

“I hope so… Works been crazy”. He sounded tired.

“Been missing you and I love you” her voice cracked as she put the telephone down.

The song All I Want For Christmas Is You played on the television set, and Christina’s

thought turned to Peter her husband. He had been working in America for nearly six

months. His company had asked him to go abroad and work on a deal, but Christina

hadn’t wanted him to go.

“It’s six months why did you say yes?’ she said angrily.

“My boss feels I am the person to do it, as I know America so well”. He told her.

‘I know you lived there for years before we met, but can’t they choose someone else?

She remarked annoyed at him, they had only been married for a year and he was

going off to work abroad.

“I’m sorry pumpkin but…’ he expressed.

Christina didn’t listen instead she had cut him off and stormed off upstairs and slammed

the door shut and cried. The tears had fallen like confetti onto the bed. The next day he

left early in the morning with a kiss onto her head. Later that day she felt remorse over

being angry with him for going.

The Christmas Tree was decorated in the corner with baubles, tinsel and a star on the

top that shone bright like a bulb. There were presents that were wrapped under the tree

with coloured paper and bows. Peter’s present had been wrapped up awaiting him, a

surprise that she hadn’t told him about over the telephone.

After he had left for his journey to America, Christina had been feeling giddy and

nauseous. The pregnancy test lay on the toilet seat showing a positive test result, the

crumpled piece of paper of the receipt on the floor. Christina sat on the edge of the toilet

seat staring at the result like a statue unable to move. She could not believe the joy that

had entered into their lives as soon as Peter had left to go to America. She had hid the

news from him.

The present she had brought him was wrapped up under the tree, was a mug saying

‘Best Dad’ in the world, her belly was bulging like a balloon as she waddled around the

house. She had wanted to tell him the news but the words could not come out over the

telephone. She didn’t want to put his job into jeopardy with him rushing back, while he

didn’t have the nerve to say no to his boss because it was a new job.

In the evening she had wished onto the star on the tree for him to come through the

door as she sat on the sofa and dozed off rocking herself to sleep, her eyes felt heavy as

she slept and dreamt.

‘Mum I want to open my presents’. She demanded.

‘It’s not Christmas Day yet, you have to wait Andrea’.

‘But Mum…. Dad can I open one present?’ she asked.

‘Andrea… come on go to sleep now Christmas Day will be here soon’.

‘Peter I can’t believe where time has gone, she has grown up so fast’. She looked

down at her bulging belly.

Rattle rattle the door went as Christina recovering from her strange dream and tossed

and turned from the sofa slowly she walked towards the door.

It was Christmas Day. She opened the door and could see snow falling from the

heavens above, they were like drops of joy that were falling onto the face of Peter as he

stood there with a suitcase in his hand.

‘Merry Christmas hun..’ he beamed looking into her eyes. His eyes shone of love

and excitement. Christina could not speak as she embraced him a the door holding him

as close with the bump between them.

‘I was wishing for you to come home to me, I was so silly for being angry at you’. She

expressed with joy.

‘I should not have left you for the job, you are important to me… hang on a minute have

you put on weight or something’ he remarked looking down at the belly.

He held her in his arms close as she stared into his eyes and put his hand onto her

belly as he felt a kick against his hand as his hand bounced off.

‘Oh my God.. you should have told me…. Wow I am so happy..’ he said elated.

They both embraced as the snow fell onto them, as they cried of joy and the future

that awaited them. Christina’s Christmas Wish that had come true.

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