Songs of you, and songs of i. .
I followed the sound
Of several birds, who spoke of you, without ye’ words..
a little song
With highest tune
They circled the sky’
Beneath the moon
Their nests awaited
A feathers rest
I felt there strongest
Within my chest
Your beating heart
A love so strong
it lead me home
Where you belong
Now every night
I hear them sing
And to my heart
they come to bring
A peaceful rest and warm reside
With you my lover
At my side
As every morning sun
To rise, I see their beauty
Within your eyes
And so on feathers they do fly, and sing of love
Within the sky’
Songs of you and songs of I, in highest tune
And words of nigh’.

Walk with words


The most beautiful dreams come from a broken mind, a mended heart

the souls light, in hopes

I paint with my eyes
A doorway, a stairwell

I openly walk with words at my feet, and kiss blank pages while blushing

I skipped across the fresh cut grass, to catch a glimpse of your laughter

Caught in little Polaroid moments imbedded on my skin

A keep sake tear, in a salt jar by my bedside

I cried with joy that you loved me, and wept with pain upon your leaving

But gave life a new name
Momentary breathing

Oh, why wispers stir so
The poetry in my soul

To have, and to hold
A cherished thought

To create and master like arrangements of time
– compared to the moon

It’s always the moon
The star’s, the shimmer and shine

It’s always you, his heart and mine

Like death froze the lake of fire, but designed desire in multiple ways

Because I love you inside the stillness, in silence
In memory’s breath

I love you in milestones
And emptiness

I have a great yearning to dream his dream
Reach every single star above

And place there upon them, like little murals
Crystal stems of love

I miss the Roses, the pretty thorns
A once pricked finger
To bleed, I miss the way my heart reacted
Like a million horses
A stampede

If I love you back to life
In books, in papers
With my pen

I hope with all this dreaming daily, I’ll see you once again.

Galaxy that needed no name
Where do you wonder
My lover my friend
I’ve walked the boundaries and come to an end
I’ve turned a mountain
And lifted a stone
Here is where I found me all alone
I’ve searched through old memories kept by grace
 And still I long
for your sweet face
I know you’re in here
And dream to be found
My angel my lover
You fly above ground
My heart is eternal
I cherish and hold
The light of your halo
Your wings made of gold
Our love everlasting
Each moment in time
The stairwell to heaven
Your feet met to climb
I’ve danced in the shadows
To the music of soul
within your blue eyes
My heart beating whole
One love to another we burnt like a flame
Two stars in a galaxy
That needed no name.
He once loved me

He once loved me
as if there were only heaven

There was no stunning sky’……

He looked as if to love only thee
And caught the world
Within my eye.

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