The Untranslatable: Poronkusema

By Thomas Page The Untranslatable This is a series of poems of words that do not directly translate into English. I have tried to capture the essence of the word in a poem.   My father bought us one of those fitness-watches— The ones with the app— To ensure that we would be walking every … Continue reading The Untranslatable: Poronkusema

Weird of Dreams

By Pawel Markiewicz   Weird of the dreams there are finitely October-ides meek shooting stars – the friends of nighttime have fallen afore the visit of the morning star – the boon Venus I was able to feel their eyesome miraculous silence a dreamier eviternity belongs to me I can think of its waking dreams about the … Continue reading Weird of Dreams

Like Kant and Hölderlin Withal

The ontological new-Romantic period according to Paweł Markiewicz This is a philosophy, that Paweł Markiewicz has drafted. Proceeding from the Kant´s sentence: „The bestarred heaven above me, the moral law in me”. There are on earth: the human part down below and the starry section up there. One reaches for the stars, longs for them, … Continue reading Like Kant and Hölderlin Withal

As The Chrysalis Cracks

By Kimber Annie   The blue has begun shifting to a different hue, and all I know is to hang on for dear life cause it’s gonna pulled me though, and then along with it.   Out of the chrysalis into a new universe literally breaking the boundaries of my mind. The glassy liquid crystals once used to cocoon and grow me… are now being … Continue reading As The Chrysalis Cracks

Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Meet up at the River    With Chris, by reeds, before day heat, dawn song went down to the river.   He, college man,  middle ‘Yonges’, long gone, soul and body doctor, journal only google, atrial fibrillation access, leaving own sugar needle flask once on station platform, boarding panic.   Assamese coffee shop, assumed hippy … Continue reading Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth