The victory ode

to the dreamy peace

My poesy is for you – peace – invocation

that enchanted peaceful birds at adoration.

The peace as ghost needs also become a lily.

My fire for the sake of the peace flies blissfully.

I like valedictorians from Ivory coast,

carrying a weird of peace such a druidic priest.

I see in winter muses the peace-like blossoms,

my tender heartlet of peace – the bee-like bosom.

My dreamery about the peace is indeed meek.

My poems are for the peace cute dream in the wind.

Hummingbirds feel Apollonianly magic vans.

There are charming peace-starlings full of dreamiest lights.

Freedom – poemlet from drawerling

the liberty is the golden bosom

a freedom – a diamond-like leaflet-home

an eagle needs also a bit liberty

I want to live in the freedom-beauty

the freedom – silvern periods dreamy birds

It is furthermore star from rubies

there are smaragdine propitious holts

source of meek-Apollonian actions

I am adoring today liberty

so that the heart sheens propitiously

the liberal act is mirth of miracle

freedom – the bewitched hands from sapphire

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