Memories of You

Memories of you

haunt me while sleeping.

I ask myself why

they disturb me so.

I wake from memory like

dreams and fear

makes me tremble.

I want to remember

the good times

but all that enters my mind

is a fearful

memory of you.

The happy times existed

but your rage erased

all the good and created only fear.


A Turkey Hangout

Large black wings flap

as an enormous bird flies to the ground and begins to forge on damp grass.

Other birds slowly arrive walking

across the street into a suburban yard.

Suddenly, the huge bird flaps his wings.

They open up like a colorful shawl

around his neck and body.

As he turns in place, I realize that it’s a turkey

who has come to visit.

This grand bird is strutting and fanning

around the backyard – puffing for all to see.

Soon a female enters the scene.

She parades across the moist grass

with eight little chicks following her.

Perhaps these babies belong to the

majestic tom turkey as the family 

gathers together for an outing.

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