Mr. Thomas


Hello Mr. Thomas, see you sitting

like you have been everyday

for over the past twenty years,

sipping a black coffee

in the corner of this old café.

Pretending to mind your own. 


Most of us leave you be,

looking over, feeling sorry

with the worn clothes your wear.

It looks like you have 

had it a little rough Mr. Thomas. 


Your beard is getting longer,

unkempt orange with grey.

Aged glasses barely covering

your eyes Mr. Thomas.

The dirt hiding your eyes

and what you are seeing. 


Most of the visitors here

think you are a poor, old man

that barely has the words to speak.

The dried stains we see

on your clothes do not help, Mr. Thomas. 


No one has seen you out

aside from sitting here Mr. Thomas

yet you always have your coffee

with your cigarette breaks,

a beaten novel in hand. 


You are a mystery Mr. Thomas.

We do not know where 

you come and go from

at the beginning or end of each day.

Who are you Mr. Thomas?


November 16, 2019


Better Ahead


Know sometimes it is hard to get out of bed.

easier to shield self from the day ahead

and stay away in the alone dark.

Difficult to see with eyes closed

that times are better ahead. 


You walk around with no one understanding.

That is what your mind says.

Thoughts based on what you see

and feel about the outside world.

The tragic outweighs the good in your eys.

Hold on to the good you feel

so you see the better ahead.


The negative may overwhelm

your entire being at all moments,

giving thoughts to take it all away.

Before that final step is prepared

remember that is irreversible.

Grab on to the one thing

that lets you know it is better ahead. 


Find a person who has walked

similar paths of troubles.

Those people are all around

to prop you mentally up

without wanting a return.

Share experiences of lonely thoughts

and turn to positive

one step at a time

until the sunrise ahead

is within reach

and the feel ahead is better. 


November 25, 2019

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy

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