Lost in Pavement

a bad night sleep, a traffic jam
the city swallows hard

lost in pavement, don’t tell me

who the hell dealt this card

the cog is stuck, wheels won’t turn

crowds are in the way

no views to buy
can’t see the sky, anyway

turn off the power, I say
it’s too late, to refuel

searching for that horizon
lost in pavement, so cruel


That’s a Fact

we are all damaged
that’s a fact

picking up broken pieces
arranging a new day

holding onto hope
like it’s a rope

taking a chance on fate
nothing lost, nothing found

fixing a dream in the dark

we are all damaged
that’s a fact


The Clown 

clean up your own mess
said the jester to the king

i am not a fool
so don’t fool around with me

you are tired of my jokes
find another, see if I care

your monarch has no kingdom
and your castle is cold

i have entertained you
long enough, went too far

onto the streets, I must go
won’t see me like this, anymore

i am worth more than you
although my pockets are empty

your hands are heavy and full
blood stained after all

clean up your mess and hurry
there’s a new king in town

he’s talking to the agent
an offer, you won’t refuse

bought your soul, skipped town
sold it to me, for nothing, am I still

the clown?


5 Days in a Row

buried faces
aboard the trains

stale office air
oozing from veins

dribbling politics
in staff kitchen

five days in a row
tea stained prison

shuffling in the air
building hides the sun

chained to desks
monotonous humdrum

The Space

words left unspoken
withering on the vine

broken hearts
hung out to dry

the cage door swings open
but no one can tell the time

too hesitant to speak
an invitation gets no reply

alone on the red carpet
no one can see

the space between you and me


Renae Clinton was born in Chicago, and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1991.

She enjoys traveling, music, baking and
her love of poetry.

She was recently published by Yarra Libraries in Carlton, Victoria.

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