By Dianne Moritz


Kids are innocent.  Kids are cute. Kids are eloquent.  Talk to them. Ask them questions. You’ll find that kids always have an answer, a charming take on just about any subject.
      Prompted by me, with a bit of help from Charles Schultz and the Peanuts Gang, I offer this pint-sized point-of-view on love.
Love is…
a nice warm house on a cold day.
someone you trust no matter what.
having a friend when you need it.
being nice and not calling names.
being together in a family.
having sympathy for someone whose relatives die.
making friends with a new person at school.
playing together.
holding a puppy in your arms.
helping an old lady across the street.
having a race with my mother and letting her win.
my baby brother hugging me.
being with my mother, just us two.
my father helping me with my homework.
getting along with others.
holding hands.
kissing and cuddling.
sharing with someone less fortunate than you.
running from my dog and letting him bite me, but not hard.
giving and sharing.
playing a game with your whole family.
having fun with your whole family.
having someone to lay your head on.
loving everybody and not hating.
reading together.
baking a pie together.
when your mother kisses your father.
being kind to one another.
when you care.
when your friend talks up for you.
hugging my mother and doing things for her.
making up with someone after a fight.
a private life.
a big heart.
a lovely dream.
a deep and tender feeling.
getting food together.
seeing a friend after a long trip.
showing respect.
being nice to people.
deep affection.
sleeping in your own bed.
when your father takes you to work with him.
playing with a friend.
when people say “Hi” and smile at the person.
not shooting and killing everyday.
a song called STOP THE WAR.
soft music.
sad songs.
knowing that a person likes you.
when something is hurt and you save it.
a friend you can share secrets with.
knowing, if my father and mother are gone a long time, they will come home.
a happy time.
babysitting my cousin.
a party on your birthday.
making other people very happy.
whispering in a friend’s ear.
obeying and not having your mother keep nagging you.
inviting your cousin over for dinner.
knowing how to show love.
surprising someone.
an important thing.
a holiday with my family.
giving presents and getting some, too.
going on the roller-coaster with my daddy.
a gramma.
getting to help your mother in the kitchen.
a best friend.
friends, guests, and just people.
being kind to one another.
going to church.
Love comes in all colors, black, white, red, and yellow.
Love means a lot to me and should mean a lot to you, too!


Thanks to all my students in LA City Schools for all their thoughts on what love means to them.

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