When the wild bird sings.
When the wild bird sings a domesticated song;  you know in your heart,  he belongs to the sound
And in his presence your heart beats faster, having had him around
He may sit idle by, on a fence or in a tree; rejoicing in the brevity of your open door
And as the wildness tamed the ground, nearby to stay; he’ll fly no more.
All the days.
All the days have come and gone, yet today still lingers here and somewhere tomorrow comes;  it’s closely by and near,  for yesterday now absent leaves an open space, so here we are this present day, by the love and gods good grace.
Flight would cease to move them so.
You came into existence and in my heart lit fireflies, caught a glimpse of heaven truly through the Avenues of these blue eyes

Where butterflies call off their wings
And flight would cease to move them so
To stay with you my darling love
Wherever you may go

Glowing would the moon recall, the spark these beauties left behind
And come to claim the heart and soul
For all the end of time

Nothing but their light would shine
On your heart and mind combined
And bring the sky down to its knees
A sort of heaven for ones ease.

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