By Jay M.


If my words were leaves,
What a bonfire they would make,
Raining down on a cold night,
Items of the fall, to keep you warm,
Alive in the shimmering moonlight;
To wrap you in lustre, at beck and call,
Every Dawn of the fall.

If my words were the stars nigh,
They would adorn your every sigh
With glimmer, every movement a shimmer,
Drops of dew earned, lit alive with a celestial light.

If my words were flowers, what a bedecked path they would lay,
For you to tread, where your desire may,
Gently led,
Into a dream, within a glorious dream…
Author Bio:
JayM is a poet and writer from Mumbai, India, who strives to make sense of the increasingly multiple, paradoxical and ambiguous world around him through his verse and prose. He writes poetry – free verse and haiku, apart from satire based on his travels. He takes life with a pinch of salt, and advocates that doing so makes it highly palatable.

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