Growing out of love, my turbulent heart is at peace
My spirit blossoms, my mind’s now at ease
On the verge of uncaging my sabotaged soul
I know, bad times have begun to cease
You’d been the wildest part of my favorite dream
Delusional, daunting, untimely and extreme
Blinding my mind from what lay ahead, until;
My soul’s hollow, and nothing’s left to redeem
I’ve made ephemeral vows with empty words
That rebounded like an unsolicited curse
The thought of harmonizing with the symphony you play
haunts me, and chokes me when I try to rehearse
Perhaps, I would never surrender to your machismo,
Because my esteem is not ready to bow
Starting fresh, I am no more crippled by manacles;
Of your fragile promises and vulnerable ego
And I know I will bloom, like lilies in spring
The twittering of robins and thrushes will bring;
An aura of rejuvenation, to light me up
So I’ll rekindle my glee and let go of everything

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