Is there anything more glorious than the month of May

When, shaking off her slumber nature stands so tall

Darkness receding, conquered by ever-lengthening day

And the sun softly smiling, shines down upon us all


Pretty borders full of colour and the sweet chortle of song

Ragged robin, buttercups, daisies, forget-me-nots

Skipping gently in the breeze as it shunts along,

Rustling leaves and hustling trees from roots-to-tops


Granny bonnets gently sway, and pretty tulips nod

The lightest scent of lilac, drifts across the lawn

Freshly cut grass, peas swelling, filling out each pod

And drying in the woodstore, logs freshly sawn


If only I could bottle this and keep it close at hand

It would be so marvellous, if on any given day

I could sniff the floral scent of perfumes from the land,

And enjoy another day in this glorious month of May

2 thoughts on “3rd Place Spring Contest: “Marvellous May” by Jennie Gardner

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