Some kids like to read

and others do not


Some people are scientific

while others are prolific





(and/or) dreamers


Dreams are much more than just nighttime phenomena

Because dreams make the phenomenal possible


Rhyme and reason

Sense and Sensibility

Tales as old as time

Poetry does not always need to rhyme


Imagination bears fruit

through the power of written language,

human thought,

and communication


If ideas pop up, write them down

Or else they could never be found


Take whatever side

Have the freedom to choose

Feel inspiration from a muse


Because fantasy can become reality

When people believe



Towering Strength


Mountains and hills rise above the ground

Like how phoenixes rise above ashes

Phoenixes are mystical, magical, and symbolize rebirth

America wanted to separate from Europe

To become its own entity

Build upon the land of American soil

Because Gerald O’Hara asserted that, “Land is the only thing that matters!  It is the only thing that lasts!”

Leave your mark upon the world

Because time flies and life is short

One does not need to be as tall nor as high as a mountain

Because Dr. Seuss even said that, “A person is a person, no matter how small”

Practice humbleness and humility

Instead of having a head full of hot air

And go ahead and let your voice be heard

Climb every mountain until dreams materialize like soil upon the richness of Earth itself!





Fall season

Fall of Rome

Dark Ages



The ones who pick themselves up

Fight against failure

And those who never try

Never truly live

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