Corners of my soul.

Inspired by his heart, this love to deep to comprehend , it stretches past the boundaries i once built, there truly is no end

For all the victorious movements my eyes have made, I capture pictures of my love in timeless images , where he has laid

In the corners of my soul I fell the spaces he has reached,  all the things so beautiful,  this love of love has teached,  in the light of my affection
No doubts because I know him true
I knocked down walls to view his soul
And let him walk right through

I have a place of treasure,  in silence I may dream of him, in the depths it feels like an ocean, he taught me how to swim

I could not be more content in knowing he is all I see, beyond the cloudy sky, and I’m blessed to call him mine, and love him till I die.

Nardine Sanderson 30/03/2020
(C) copyright all rights reserved.

Motions of the sea.

When beauty turned an over stone
Amongst the pebbles rocky shore

Where once had stood my love alone
In the silent evermore

In the wims of lullabies and dreams
of thee, stood in motions of the sea

The tide come crashing,  rushing in
He became my second skin

I transformed as the wildest waves
He could not swim the current low

I breathed within his lungs the lasting
Before I had to go

In the deepest oceans blue of sleep
He cradles now the overflow

In silent body, a tomb of sort
Where I could not row

The wave I become as violent sea
In the madness deep to core

I loved and lost In my escape
My darling love the evermore .

Nardine Sanderson 28/07/2020
(C) copyright all rights reserved.

Wounds of starlight.

Why the bird must sing
in the quarter sky before the dawn

Whilst I capture dreams of ever
The after comes in every morn,

For severed hearts would not comply
Where dreams had reached the opal sky, in lights great interlude of foreseen night

Beneath the open wounds of starlight

Such a place of discontent,  if I with eyes to close or open,  could not bare the view from dark

No moon or stars in heaven

For only love to trespass, upon my flesh as parting ways
The bird must sing into the light
And confront with song the days.

Nardine Sanderson 27/03/2020
(C) copyright all rights reserved


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