By Sophia Behal


I, pointing at you soldier
with my daisy.
I will do it to ya
I guess daily.

“Dear Sinister
how hard
is it to see, a
a flower?”

“Weapons down”, I say,
Bloody hell,
Breaking the spell,
Prevent a catastrophy.

Soldier after soldier,
soldiers; “one by one,
don’t poitn their gun.
No more pointer, Soldier!”

at another grail.

“I try to point
a weapon at you
the joint –
a giant –
daisy grew!
Ha, again!
For you. ”

Yes it’s us solving the
gun’s matter
let a daisy
be the letter
Yes, it’s growing out the
gun’s barrel better.

So, let the daisies
save the days
stop never,
dont let it be.
Let a daisy save lifes – daily!

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