By Nicole S. Entin


There is a harmonious choir of eternal voices
In the heavenside world. High crescendo of echoing
Minor chords drifting through stained-glass windows.
Saint Hildegard’s medieval manuscripts, divine beyond
Comprehension, transcending the knowledge of mankind,
Reaching the truth of womankind.

There is a ship in the tranquil moonlit waters
Of the heavenside world. The wooden prow arches
High above the waves, pierces through the morning
Fog. A lone sailor stands at the helm, a figure in an
Ivory dress made of mist, gazing into the distance,
Prognostication at dawn.

There are fields of technicolour foxglove flowers
In the heavenside world. Blues that make the eyes
Water, reds that set hearts aflame with their intensity.
There is truth without guilt, and goodness without
Sacrifice. There is beauty without a painted surface,
And hope that is never misguided.


Nicole S. Entin is a teenage poet, writer, playwright, and theatre director living in Toronto. Her poetry has been featured numerous times in anthologies published by the Poetry Institute of Canada, and won second prize in the youth category of the Open Ages National Poetry Contest. She is published in Synaeresis (Harmonia Press), and has an upcoming publication in Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal. Her full-length play, Locked in a Room, was produced for the National Theatre School Festival, winning an Award of Merit for playwriting. Her latest play, In the Chocolate Boxes, had a staged reading in October 2019 at Alumnae Theatre’s Next Stage Readings series. She is also a youth member of the Playwrights’ Guild of Canada. She will soon be moving on to the next chapter of her life, as she pursues studies in English and Comparative Literature at the University of St. Andrews, UK.

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