Choose Choices Carefully and Cautiously

The power of choice,
A wide variety
Of potential disarray
Question the nature of existence
Ask what it means to be alive
Within a highly subjective reality
Where truth could be false
And false could be reality
Understand that
Everything really is
A matter of selection





Fight for what is right?

Violence is not the answer

Practice Civil Disobedience

Thank you Thoreau
*Previously published in DSTL Arts – Aurtistic Zine, accepted on 2/24/2020*




Never forget ancestry

Honor the past rather than dwell on it


Fear not the revenant

Be Magnificent instead of malevolent

Don’t hate; celebrate!

Remember respect

Especially self-respect


*Previously published by Other Worldly Women Press and featured during the week of 3/23/20*



Prom night
A night to remember
High School Musical numbers
Partying on a yacht
While people stroll
After graduation
Some practice maturation
Others remain immature
But while walking
And going out for a promenade
Life is a journey
For those willing to venture
Into reality

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