By Nancy Lou Henderson


What if a new Virus came to town,

having no vaccine around?

What if it threatened all humankind,

making essentials hard to find?

What if people had to stay at home,

 not allowed to roam?

What if children were out of school,

with parents becoming the new teaching tool?

What if families flourished,

having a love for each other nourished?

What if unselfishness and kindness for others grew,

making love for all humanity new?

What if all people joined in prayer,

asking God for a cure and lives to spare?

What if we thanked God in advance,

showing true faith, not thinking by chance?

What if God touched the world with his mighty hands,

instantly healing and curing all lands?

What if on Resurrection Day,

God made the virus go away?

What if this miracle became real,

how would the world feel?

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