God Knows

When questioning, He understands.

If hearts break, God mends.

When feet dance, He rejoices.

If we sing, God praises.

When eyes cry, He holds.

If sickness overpowers, God heals.

When grief comes, He comforts.

If we pray, He listens.

When sins confessed, God forgives.

If troubles overwhelm, God solves.

When we are patient, He answers.

If we forgive others, God smiles.

When all fails, He prevails.

With faith and belief, God protects.




unnamed (1)

The Rainbow

As the rain subsides and colors fill the sky,
I tell my darkness goodbye.

Once a silhouette in a world lost of color,
now walking unwavering without umbrella cover.

The wonderment of the future yet to unfold
warms my heart, removing the cold.

With each step, I begin to smile,
knowing life is beautiful for a little while.


4 thoughts on “Two Poems by Nancy Lou Henderson

  1. I don’t normally appreciate poetry outside of humorous doggerel, but your second poem chimes with me. Congratulations on touching a sceptic’s heart. 😉 ❤
    – Douglas Brown (DW Brownlaw is my pen name)


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