By Mike Turner


The last time I saw Paris
Spring had turned to rains
At evening, lights like diamonds
Lit the streets as my heart sang
The last time I saw Paris
I walked the Champs-Elysses
Climbed up Le Eiffel Tower
O’er all Paris to see
The last time I saw Paris
Notre Dame had not been burned
She stands still, a reminder
Of a faith which sorely yearns
I miss the simple pleasures
Of croissant, some wine and cheese
The Louvre sparkling at sunset
A brioche nibbled with tea
Your hair, shining in moonlight
A gentle, warm embrace
Two souls, enthralled in silence
At the beauty of the place
The last time I saw Paris
I knew the timeless bliss
Of a dance in the Tuileries
And I lingering, stolen kiss
The last time I saw Paris
We strolled along the Seine
And I left my heart there, waiting
‘Till I’ll see Paris, again
Bio: Mike Turner is a songwriter and poet living on the US Gulf Coast. He was named Male Gospel Entertainer of the Year by the Alabama Music Association (2016) and the North America Country Music Associations International (2017), and was featured on the “15 Minutes of Fame Stage” at the 2020 Monroeville Literary Festival. Mike’s recordings have received play throughout the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand and on the Armed Forces Radio Network. His poems have been published in several print and on-line literary journals; his poem, “A Flash of Blue,” was awarded 1st Place in the 2020 Springtime Contest at Academy of the Heart and Mind.

3 thoughts on “The Last Time I Saw Paris

  1. Really a nice, heartfelt poem, Mike, kind of like one written a century ago (in a good way!) I liked the rhyming pattern on lines 2 and 4, too. Well done 🙂


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