He described it as a warm day in winter

end of times for the abandoned shell

upon a beach in the sand of a broken glass.


She was resting beneath the waves

her eyes seared with a star’s mockery

a slow pulse mimicking what remained of her memories.


No longer did the body breathe

never again will she race to the grand finale

somewhere beyond invisible horizons.


Waves like a mirage emanate from the flesh

she seems to smile again as the tender lips heave

yet it is too late now that she lies alone.


She recalls tender thoughts hovering

behind the blues of those glassy orbs

if life persists it is only for food to the beyond.


Seeking the color unknown in the concrete scapes

her journey has ended in the curves of an earth

carried by the sordid waves of the unwelcome lover.




One reaches closer to a star, years ahead;

two race to catch up in this vibrant day;

three struggle for a breath, lagging a little.


Seconds dripped slowly a grain at a time,

in an hour glass in truth counting eons,

unable, perhaps unwilling to up its pace.


The road of winding curves and traitorous

peaks, came alive, to frustrate a joyful ride,

so long awaited, as millions passed by.


Warm nest of the two when days were younger;

not one is ready for them to fly the coop;

home is still theirs, walls nurturing them yet.


A force of planetary magnets comes to be,

for a trio to once again take a long stroll;

two stand at attention, holding out their hearts.


Little souls need their heaven where all is cozy,

neat, and wraps around their tender flesh,

a blanket fit for only them, pulsating with her life.


One steps out, the journey to an end at last;

two are all smiles, in every cell, every membrane,

a sweet song emerges in sparks as they run.


Three are one again, soon to return to the fortress,

where no harm will come, they embrace;

a sigh reverberates, heard at the far end of the era.  


She whispered


Please live, she whispered

to the body inert on the marble slab


Unsure that he could hear a word

she leaned farther holding her ebony locks.


Alert only in the depth of his soul

a dim light caught the wetness of her lips.


Often she had passed with a gentle light

a smile which stabbed him to his core.


Seeking a key to her realm he had remained

trembling before the great gray walls.


Dreams succeeded thoughts of horror

while tears nourished a barren home.


Those languished hours now echoed

with the sadness of her eyes upon his breast. 


Live, she pleaded fearful it may be too late

his soul lighter under the sun of her breath.


It might be his last hour in her world yet

he had no regret as at last she felt. 





The tear is large and shines

full of green and blue and light

warm and cold it resists

the fall.


In it a smile broad and true

and the tear grows

life fills it with a beat

as of a heart.


Soon it will be of a size

enough to visit and see

what has been so long missed

a world complete.


The tear from within

to grasp the world on the other side

where hurt and comfort are close

making sense of it all.


In the mind of the tear stronger

one universe all around

wall to wall unified

nothing hidden anymore.


The tear speaks all, unable to fall

a broad smile it reveals

as its soul beats stronger

full of a life which no longer is,


yet continues within grief and hope

and the knowledge that all is well

for in the tear all who once lived remember

and they cry as they smile.





The twins stand tall

amidst burgeoning siblings

in winter, summer, and 


fall, spring alike

ashes to ashes alone in the shadows

of the giants.


Many times under the faint moon

waiting for her sun to shine again;

it is done.


With July come she can return

to love pure now eternal

to begin anew.


From the cocoon of her land

the warm nest of his hands

spread their wings.


Rising to the roof of the cosmos

confident in the godly creation

winking good bye.


Beyond the reach of His children

yet so near, nothing really changes

in us, whole.


Two stars shine so bright, so new

made and full of the great equation

for all time.


One they are, intimate in whole

love, life, soul, impenetrable always

invisible yet in us


indestructible as it was written.



Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications.

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