The Eye of the Storm

The looming clouds provided a portent
Even though some thought that they were not important
The rains fell down heavy and hard
but definitely not like the lugubrious tales from the Bard
Such as William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
(With the weird sisters and whatnot)
The sidewalk had raindrops all over it
Changing the silver squares to brown ones
Nevertheless, the brownness is a symbol of the Earth
The dirt, and the fundamental truth that,
“All people are filthy creatures by default.”
Even with such a harrowing truth
humbleness and humility can still provide a sense of youth
Robert Frost wrote about the youthfulness of green
A type of beauty that cannot be acquired with greed
For everything will (supposedly) vanish
When life ends, along with the transformation to dust and ashes
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
But people can still do what they will and must
To live a life with beauty and luminosity
Which can be obtained through generosity
For life is an iridescent rainbow
Filled with diversity within the reality of all humanity


Writing Written Words Wisely

Expressions of ideas
Employing rhetoric and
Profound author
Short poems with depth
Long novels with irony
Short or long…
All writing reveals what it means…
to be human
and what it means
To Live a Life


Natural Beauty

Natural beauty
Artificial artifice
Synthetic synergy
Primarily primitive
Ways of life
Uphold wonder
And simplify
For the simple life
Is an
Extraordinary ordinary existence


Binary Opposition

Binary opposition
literary theory
Situational irony
verbal, dramatic
Twists and turns
Throughout the
Metaphorical journey
That signifies nothing
Or perhaps something more
Who knows what is in store
For the historical narrative
Of the world where change
Happens all the time


Life as a Tale

The End
Signifying something
Perhaps nothing
The world is the world
People are players
Upon the ultimate stage
And they do what they do
And the good ones stay true
By upholding morality
In a tale as timeless as time




surreptitious, stealthy, subjective reality

graceful, agile, willowy, ideal

Secretive, clandestine

Subjective subjectivity

Judge judgment judiciously

surreptitious, stealthy, subjective reality
graceful, agile, willowy, ideal
Secretive, clandestine
Subjective subjectivity
Judge judgment judiciously


Beg to Differ

Manners and mores
Convention that defies
Inevitable change
Trials and tribulations of
All travelling through time together


Universal Colors

Black Ebony
Pondering profound profundity
Circular reasoning
Life’s eternal mystery
Filling the void
Being the center of it all
Who knows what to call
The meaning of the universe



American pasttime
Time ticking
Father and son days
Growing up
With family
Playing harmoniously
Despite the changes of time
Moving ever against the
Ones dear to our hearts
Play ball!


Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University-Los Angeles in 2015.  He was a former Statement Magazine editor who currently writes about literature, film, and culture.  He has written film reviews for more than one hundred motion pictures for MovieBoozer, and his writing has appeared both online and in print.  Alex is a writer who dares to support the ones who pursue their dreams.

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