On The Day After Your Medical Moment
Your image, the oldest of the photos
Lying within this album of faces and souls.
You asked forgiveness the day before you died,
Then slipped away when my eyes turned aside.
The rattling heater cannot stop the chill
That is shaking my bones, though my world stands still.
I’m running tap water as I rinse my teacup,
One of the activities that helps me get up.
Another act, wandering to and fro,
Upon tiles, the only place I go.
I can’t go forward with you right now.
We can’t go back, it’s one thing time does not allow.
I’m hoping my hypnotic steps will take me to you there.
I’m not certain, but I think I know where.
Some day I’ll find the door to that place divine.
I know the path you’ve taken, I’ll follow in time.
All Fates In Time
All fates in time
weave great things.
The structure of yesterdays
shapes our art,
and guides our feet,
allows our eyes to see the sky
beyond our reveries,
and brings to us
better and more sacred days.
I’m Just Here To Watch
The sky is storming yonder now,
having passed over on its march
along our now recovering skies.
The pines croon.
Their cones hang between
never scarlet nor gold leaves,
but beside needles of emerald green.
I am sitting with wonder,
observing these bent down branches.
Why did mother robin
build her nest atop them?
And why so high?
So high that it was hard to hear
her little brood sing for her attentions
until nature drooped them closer.
Her life choice,
made in full defense,
to thwart predators,
of which she thinks
I am a member of that notorious club.
So, to convince her,
I will sit quietly and just look.
And, I will just listen.
I will enjoy watching their little beaks
jaw as if they are singing an opera,
and their little wings flap.
And, when I grow weary,
I will walk away,
and leave them with all good wishes
that, with the next storm coming,
they will be able to hang on.

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