Throughout the journey
The path could be rough
Mistakes are inevitable
Things happen
Life happens
Failures could be
That educate

Strive for more
And try your best
Because not trying
Is the ultimate
Form of failure






Aspire to inspire young and old
Empower and educate
To encourage being bold
What is the greatest story ever told?
Life itself!
Each new day is a blessing
And not a given right
Take control of the wheel and hold on tight
For life is full of ups and downs
But the “University of Life” is the ultimate educator
Mark Twain did not let school interfere with his education
Because learning is constant
(Even outside academic institutions)
Life happens only once
So why not do something with it?


Cleaning and Chores

Cleaning and Chores
Taking up time
Yet necessary for life
For all people are dirty Yahoos
but clean to purify ourselves
Be prim and proper
Because a person can be grand
If that person takes a stand
To do the next right thing
For humans can be Houyhnhnms
Through personal choice


Individual Instead of Numerical

Numbers and math
are like foreign languages
The Tower of Babel
might have been the reason why
It is hard for people
Yet humility is virtuous
Because unfortunately,
Each person is just
A number
More or Less
Within a competitive world
Filled with diversity
Universal languages are
Supreme gifts, though
Because they allow for
The truth to be known
As all people interact
With one another
In the greatest story ever told
Before the final act



Altruism, volunteerism
Helpfulness, kindness
Help the outcasts
Donate time
Donate money
Cure selfishness by spreading love, not hate
Read to children, read willingly
For knowledge is power
Suffering is universal…
…but so is compassion
Make the choice to help (because that is up to those who do)
Let’s give a helping hand…
and make the world a better place!


Relent Resentment

Cease hurting oneself
Let It Go and Show Yourself
Simply Be Thyself



Establishing identity
Involves more than practicing serenity
Maturation is feasible
For the certainty avoidant
For venturing into the unknown
Takes strength beyond finite knowledge
And letting imaginations roam free
And that is how people become thee


Common Sense (not by Thomas Paine)

Common people
Common sense
Never succumb to
Practice humility
For people
Are people
No need to be superman
Be a hero through
Common sense
And Humility
For the sake of Humanity



Never pass the blame
When the burning flame
Burns within the soul
A frozen heart can thaw
If one chooses to love
Rather than hate
And appreciate
The fact that
Being good
Really is a decision
That stems from one’s
Own mind
Think please!


Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University-Los Angeles in 2015. He was a former Statement Magazine editor who currently writes about literature, film, and culture. He has written film reviews for more than one hundred motion pictures for MovieBoozer, and his writing has appeared both online and in print. Alex is a writer who dares to support the ones who pursue their dreams.

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