By Bernadette Perez


Come to


Adventure travels indefinite

Vague when this shall end

This reminds me of a time


Memories visit on occasion

Contemplating whether or

I should stay connected



I wish you were here






Difficult to be reckoned

Potentially dangerous

I lose consciousness


When awakened

The sun streamed through the window

I feel the sun upon my face

Warmth fills me entirely


My smile beams


A beautiful change


~Bernadette Perez

A Poet possessing expression and creativity. In 1990 Bernadette received the Silver Poet Award from World of Poetry. Her work has appeared in The Wishing Well; Musings in 2010, Small Canyons Anthology in 2013, Poems 4 Peace in 2014. Fix and Free Anthology in 2015. She is the President of the New Mexico State Poetry Society and Member of Rio Grande Valencia Poets since 2005

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