By Bradford Middleton



My life goes by in black and white,

The black words I type onto white paper

And the sepia tinted black and white

Of the old movie days.  The films come

And go, a new one every few days whilst

The words, right now, continue to flow

And it all makes me happy.


The old movies take me back to the

Films I used to watch with Nana, where

The bad guy is always sure to get it

And the good guy will always be

Handsome leaving the women of her

Generation swooning and dreaming

And they always made us happy.


The words have been coming for over

A decade now and the idea I’ve been

Lucky enough to devote myself to it

Fills this beating heart with a simple joy,

Hopeful as to how it’ll continue to play

Out over the years I cling on before

Succumbing to death.

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