Poetry by Steve Merson

Mrs. Browns Grave Once while visiting Mrs browns grave, a bird swooped down and tipped it's wing. It sang a song she used to sing. That's when I knew she was visiting me. Telescopes Through telescopes I see the scope of worlds so far away. I wonder, if theres someone out there, looking back at … Continue reading Poetry by Steve Merson

Five British Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Hard Centre Why chocolate box that so attracts -  the honeyed stone, a cottage thatch, by packhorse bridge, pink pastel walls, with hollyhocks, delphiniums, wisteria, bunched purple grapes? Is it wanting outside latrine, ash to clear daily from the grate, the damp patch creeping up the walls, the gentle rot of window frames, or candle … Continue reading Five British Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth