By Ananya Bhardwaj


When I conquer you,

Let the mountains shake,

Let the earth quake.

Make them fear me,

A void of strength,

To overcome lengths,

To build an empire,

Stronger than the last,

You need resistance,

You need power,

You need revenge.

to avenge the wounds,

dig deep and conquer.

Rebel for your wish,

Place your argument.

Make the world face the truth,

Ugly as it may be.

Make the world fear you.

Mountains may never be stronger,

Than, your resistance.

Have your revenge,

Avenge your wounds,

For you are the wind,

For you are the storm,

You are the fire,

You are the argument,

You are the revenge,

You are the void,

You are the change,

You are the thought,

You are the resilience,

You are the dawn,

And you are the empire you wish to make.

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