By Thembi Vuma


As open as I am and as peaceful as my thoughts are now,

I have been through the wilderness, 

At times felt like, 

I was climbing mountain Kilimanjaro and I couldn’t see the other side,

My emotions roaring all day long couldn’t think straight, 

For my heart was not at rest,

Wrestling with every thought that was convincing me that sorrow 

Was a place to call home,

Deeper in my soul, I knew peace was the home I was looking for,

Everything worth having doesn’t come easy in life ,

Hence the road to wholeness is not easy but worth taking,

Peace is found after facing every demon you tried so hard to hide and pretending 

It doesn’t exist,

Within you lays peace that surpasses all the insecurities and self doubt,

If only you would realise that you are enough as you are and that perfection doesn’t exist.

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