By Ira Darmohrai 


it is not that important for me how old you are

the length and colour of your hair

the price of your sweater and how many pairs of shoes you have.

tell me about the brightest moments of your life

about bedtime rituals from childhood 

what gives you goosebumps 

and how often do you make tea when you are sad

give me your hand

let me help you feel what I feel.

show me who you are 

and don’t hide behind your own fears.

tell me why do you keep this silence

and why do you cover your mouth not to show this sudden gladness 

because you are afraid of being judged

stay silent if you want

look at me with this long penetrating look

let me enjoy you

I want to observe your face changing 

when you talk about something really precious 

to hear this thrilling kind of variation 

to see the radiance of your eyes

and then

let me come home

and say 

I am home

kiss my eyelashes


Ira Darmohrai resides in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. 

She is fond of writing, because it helps to remove the chaos from her head and to speak her heart`s language. This is what helps her to live this life to the full. 

She is writing her own book right now. Maybe, her works will change someone’s life.

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