Armed with mask and hand glove,
I take upon my formless foe;
Heart filled with courage and love
Wrapped in PPEs* top to toe..

Into the volatile sea of gasping men
Suffocating yenning for breath,
Plunge I to save the drowning when
I, also, could be pulled beneath.

A mission I have forever vowed to do
When a tempest strikes the bark²
Of sailing humanity in need of rescue,
Or light, when blue turns to dark.

An agile lifeguard that swiftly swims,
I hesitate not to take a dive
To save tens or a single life
And, in that, with joy my heart brims!

* Personal Protective Equipments



If not for moon, the night is too vast
To be brightened by little stars.
If it were only plankton, then food for
Sharks would be always scarce.

O Rolling Stone! In You is the Whole…
Why craving satiety in outer part,
Putting your cart before your horse,
From field to field you ever dart?

Delve O seeker into Ocean You and bring
The pearls you hoad in the core!
For only shells and pebbles are abounding
In the shallowness of the shore.

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