By Tavinder New

I heard the rattle and tattle of the handle. Josephine the Bat must have delivered my package. I opened the door and ripped open the box to find a note saying:

‘I know what you are.’ It was just a plain piece of card.

Damn it, I thought I had ordered my medicine from the Ministry of Metamorphosis. My condition was getting worse, I would change more often into a werewolf.

The medicine that I took helped to maintain it. There were plenty of lycanthrope around.

Our kind had been forgotten, seen as fables and fantastical creatures. For reasons now unknown to us, society seemed to be interested in zombies and mythical lands like Game of Thrones.

It was an advantage though as I was no longer hunted at night by poachers or people who wanted to see if they could get a picture of a werewolf. I never went out at night as the medicine ‘were wolf drink’ helped to maintain my change.

But my medicine had finished.

The last two nights I had been changing: my nails would grow like twigs sharp, my fur would appear as grass onto top of my body. A transmutation of me into a wolf, the bending of my body, the change of my legs into four and howling as I was unable to speak. I had ordered the cure by bat travel on the special delivery service as I was hoping it would arrive. There had been reports in the news of a strange occurrence.

The Daily Tribune had reported sights of a strange dog that had seen a large creature wandering around as the headline reported ‘werewolf sighted near local park’ as a elderly gentleman claimed to have seen.

However I knew that the news was true as it was me that had transformed that night, actually several nights in a row and could not prevent it. It was a basic instinct to run, release and revive my true form. This was dangerous if I was seen I could be discovered and now my fear has come to fruition as someone knew my true identity.

The slip of paper was mocking me, taunting and held in my hand ‘ I know what you are.’ There was no address, no name and no way of knowing who it was.

I had informed the Creature Safety Association Society (CSA) who was there for us, keep the sightings quiet but mine had come to light. They had sent emergency medicine, Josephine the Bat to my despair it was the wrong package.

I knew that tonight I would change again, as soon as the moon would arise my mutation would occur. I felt it was natural who I was, but humans viewed me in fear, horrific, especially how werewolves were depicted in books like fairy tales. It was the same with my friends: witches, vampires, and goblins who had integrated into society working as police, teachers or bin people. They were viewed in negative ways discriminated against in stories when actually we are just normal like humans. The medicine had to be used for us not to be hunted or discovered, in the past there had been stories of our deaths and often humans testing on us as though we were indispensable.

The Creature Safety Association Society (CSAS) flashed on my mobile:

‘Arthur I understand that you were spotted one night, but that story has been quashed now by other political news thankfully.
We understand that your delivery by Josephine was wrong which has greatly disturbed us. As this interception could be dangerous for your and our survival. The medicine has been reordered again as urgent as we cannot afford you to be sighted in public. One sight has already caused suspicion and this note also has us concerned for your safety.’

‘Yes I need the medicine, I cannot help the change that occurs, it is simply me being who I really am.’

‘We understand Arthur but the humans do not; ‘creatures’ as we are referred to are shunned and seen as dangerous. Bat will be coming in two or three nights. We cannot afford him to be seen in areas where bats are not normally located.

The phone call ended.

I knew that I would change again, I would have to keep myself indoors somehow caged or secured but that never had worked previously on the moon appearing. I would have to go to work now as I had been waiting for the package all day and my clothes for the last couple of days had been shredded by my body altercation. I would have to get more clothes.

“Ding Dong” the bell rang.

It couldn’t be Josephine the Bat as I knew that from the CSAS. Instead it was a woman.

‘Hello there my name is Kelly and I live at number 24’.

‘Hi nice to meet you. My name is Arthur’.

‘I am not sure how to say this. I am the one who sent the note.’

I froze there. I didn’t know what to say or do. I had been found out.

‘Please don’t be scared, she handed me a bottle. It was the medicine, I saw you last night and heard you. I could see that you need this.’ She handed me the bottle.

‘How did you…?’

‘I am also a werewolf, I thought this package might be for you. It was sent to me by error by bat’.

‘Thank you,’ I stuttered.

‘Perhaps we could have coffee sometime?’ She asked.

She left her card details in my hand.

I hadn’t encountered one of my own species before in the same area as myself. I had now the medicine to control my change until Halloween.

It was the only night everyone including myself would be allowed to transform as no one noticed that night as humans would themselves be dressed up.

I felt a flutter in my heart as the door closed, perhaps it hadn’t been the wrong package after all. A new friendship perhaps or the chance or romance awaited.

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