A Fine Breakfast

By Nenad Kojic                       Hyde Park Corner, London, 2051. Mangled weather, bluff and blustery, yawned overhead like a sea without a shore. An urgent wind whistled its toothless tune to the swaying trees that surrounded the sleeping circus in its midst, driving sheets of rain against … Continue reading A Fine Breakfast

Poems by C.L. Warrington

MASQUERADE This Face I wear to show what the world expects to see, a carefully painted visage rendered in muscles strained and emotions held in check. These garments I don to match the Face with its painted smile, the eyes alight and the cheeks flushed with false vitality, are camouflage in all its manipulative forms. … Continue reading Poems by C.L. Warrington

Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Resist Against Resistance Stand upSit downTake a kneeTurn your backProtests are nothing new Silent facesMouths tapedEyes shutArms crossedDisbelief fosters opposition Signs screamWords redExclamation marksHeld highMarching across the land Roads closedBodies proneBodies supineBlock trafficSolidarity harbors truth Your Warmth Twenty six years together,eight of them good,none really bad. So what if we sleepin separate rooms? Many of … Continue reading Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Poems by Robert L. Martin

Weavers of the Clay Fatherly fathers, potters of the clay, ambassadors of morality and knowledge, inheritors of obligations, relinquishing their self fulfilling desires, giving up their selfish dreams, molding their sons and daughters on the potter's wheel with sagacious hands and careful fingers, defining and representing moral integrity and providence, planting seeds in their minds, … Continue reading Poems by Robert L. Martin