By Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein

Those who say about thee with words of despair, Merely weave walls of words-
You are not insane, Oh my love,
Talk to me for a while and bless my heart at times, With your pain.
Sit with me, feel the gentle breeze, Can you listen to the sound of waves?
You are not alone.
Even if you are not okay, It’s okay.
Remember the flowers and butterflies,
Remember the stars, They make the breath of life,
Soon, you will be gone Adieu to the world.
I am with you, in your Pain,
As I was in your joy. In your extreme pain,
I am with you.
You forbade me to see you.
You tried your best,
To make me leave you.
I didn’t.
I know why,
You wanted me out of your life
In your remaining days.
Because you love me.
You can’t see me,
Suffering to see your pain.
But I have killed my pain
To see you suffering.
I have turned my pain into strength.
I shall keep you in the deepest core of my heart.
I will not let you go.
Even when you will be gone,
You won’t be my memory.
You will reside in my soul.
You have become part of me.
Don’t be depressed.
This is not an Adieu to me
From you.
You are forever in my heart.
Our love is eternal.
I feel your pain.
As you feel mine.
Our pain has transpired into each other.
This is more than that.
Our love will be celestial.
We have conquered the fear of death.
I am not scared of your death.
You will remain with me.
Not as memory, but as a part of me.
There is no longer you and Me.
Now it’s we.
Time is near, keep the strength.
You will no more pain.
After your physical departure from this world,
You will be part of me,
Residing in my soul.
Eternal sweet,
Share with me, you will be relieved of the fatigue of the day.
Stretch Thy hands,
Put it on mine,
Paint the images of life,
With the brush of beauty.
In this beautiful dawn,
It was also you who symbolized,
The living message of this Universe.


Note :

The poem is written on the Mental health.
Commentary :

Mental health is dealt with the perception of gloom and despair. But touch of beauty is needed.
Not sympathy but empathy and compassion are required. Sharing can help a
great deal. Not help but extending and holding hand, I believe can be helpful. In this poem the speaker is asking and inviting one (suffering from mental
depression) to enjoy with her the beauties of nature. In the concluding lines her approaching is rather unconventional. We should not remind the suffering one that they need help rather we should make them feel that it is mutual.


Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein is an aesthete from Dhaka, Bangladesh & MA holder in British&American Literature.Now a Free-lance writer. She writes weekly column for Different Truths Publications, India featuring humanitarian to diverse issues. She has contributed to other news portals. Her poems appeared in literary magazines. She has contributed to five Anthologies so far. She loves travelling and participates in recitals She seeks beauty from the blade of grass to twinkling stars. She Aestheticism and humanism are the essence of her existence.She is the International Fellow 2020 of International Human Rights Arts Festival.

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