Academy Classics: Halloween’s End

By Jessica Ricks Jacob, Chrissy, and Marcus made their way to the end of the long, winding street. It was getting late. Houses were starting to turn off their lights indicating that they were done giving out candy. The streets that were busy with kids, and some teenagers, going from door to door in their … Continue reading Academy Classics: Halloween’s End

Academy Classics: Halloween Songs

By John Page "Something at the Door" There was a lady getting ready for bed A-hoo a-hoo a-hoo  She went and bumped her head A-hoo a-hoo a-hoo  She heard a knock upon the door A-hoo a-hoo a-hoo   Then she went across the floor A-hoo a-hoo a-hoo  Then she went to open the door A-hoo a-hoo … Continue reading Academy Classics: Halloween Songs

The Burrow

By George Keye Prologue Meet our personified friends: Leticia Callaghan, Sean Holtz and Cuco.             Leticia Callaghan is a self-contained organism. All the tissues and organs and cells from which the past human body has been composed are self-generated as well as self-adapted and they are considered essential to any environment include the most dare … Continue reading The Burrow