Look Up and Other Poems

By Glory Cumbow Look Up Oh, please, please look up. I know the consuming temptation to lock eyes arrow-straight ahead refusing the risk  of averting your gaze elsewhere and accepting the landscape immediately before you as the only possible reality. Oh, but please,  please look up. Within the strict parameters of frontward vision that neglects … Continue reading Look Up and Other Poems

Puzzling It Out

By Dianne Moritz You go along in life, putting the pieces together, one by one. Like a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes they fit snuggly: bird on a nest, sweet peas on a trellis. Then, just when you think you’re ready for the next piece, you lose it under the tablecloth or discover it’s all wrong...cloud cover … Continue reading Puzzling It Out

Hook for the Masterpiece and Other Poems

By Patricia Nelson Hook for the Masterpiece  The weight of line and shade still hangs.   A frame holds the glow they made of it:  The kingdom of smoking fuels,  the art with its light-craving dervish.     Women made of shadow and the world.   Brown rats that squeaked and bit them.   Crowns of dead metal stamens. … Continue reading Hook for the Masterpiece and Other Poems

Meditation and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Meditation Meditation Concentration Never succumb to Manipulation Achieve Power And Authority Through sincerely and untainted Purity Stay green and gold Like the beauty of silent nature Umbrella Shelter from The natural elements A roof Supposedly Singing in the rain Assuaging disdain Singing a new refrain Water falling Down and around But … Continue reading Meditation and Other Poems

Gegenrasse and Other Poems by Okpeta, Gideon Iching

Gegenrasse A Song for Our Hue The living space birthed beautiful flowers, rivalry enhanced her colour, rose from obscurity to power in the land of the living. Prisoners boarded a taxi, drove unwillingly to serve the light gray suit for wearing natives in pink― able-bodied sapiens messed over in mercy of their colour. Then it … Continue reading Gegenrasse and Other Poems by Okpeta, Gideon Iching