Life is Like a River

By Lorrin Johnson Life is like a River it flows in different directions so get your gheenoe and go for a ride. You might find something interesting along the way. Life is full of surprises you never know what you will find. Sometimes a rare jewel you can even find a fool life is a … Continue reading Life is Like a River

Inconsequential Memories

By Natasha Rogers I remember when I wrote the letter volunteering for this. A woman takes my hand and carefully leads me down some stairs. Her arm is barely grazing my shoulders as we descend, “There you go, good, one more step,” she says. I can’t see anything; I’m blindfolded. It’s voluntary, but I probably … Continue reading Inconsequential Memories

England, My England and It’s That Time Again

By Ian Copestick England, My England A miserable wet evening, grey skies and cold wind. England, my England. This land of grey and green. Summer's now over, and normal transmission has been resumed. Brooding skies with treacherous clouds, nothing to look forward to. Just month after month of god awful weather, being cold and wet … Continue reading England, My England and It’s That Time Again

Assignment and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Assignment Assignments might be dreadful But they can still be Educational Empowering And involving much more Than reading or writing Because as knowledge accumulates People can benefit From self-improvement And the life lessons To guide them navigate Their own lifelong narratives Nepotism Kinship Friendship Favoritism Rather than being picky Practice sheer … Continue reading Assignment and Other Poems