Sliced Tomatoes

By Diane Gillespie Newly married, my husband Mike and I drove along Boskeydell Road through the hills of Southern Illinois on our way to a small farm. It was a warm summer day in 1970. Car windows open, our breaths became deeper and our bodies more relaxed as we observed the countryside, its woods and … Continue reading Sliced Tomatoes


By Bluford Birdsong Originally published in Literary Yard Jill shuts down the treadmill after running three eight minute miles, proud of herself and thankful for a couple of hours alone. Still panting, she opens the stainless steel door of the new fridge and grabs a blue shaker bottle of branch-chain amino acids. The Tahitian Punch … Continue reading Yellow

House of Gold and Nothing But Smiles Over Here

By Sekani Johnson House of Gold So ashamed am I   of being such an intolerable guest in people’s (now stranger’s?) lives Burrowing into portraits of fatigued specters  cold vapors swaying like cacti  hovering over chimneys buried in the loamy earth of a dark warren  Their bodies shed the lighter gemini and shy into bramble patches … Continue reading House of Gold and Nothing But Smiles Over Here